League & Competitions Information

Information About Adult Competitions in the North West


The Regulations for the North West Hockey League are aligned at a National Level with the other 7 Areas and England Hockey.

GMS will be the core system to record team sheets and match sheets for all North West Hockey League games. If GMS cannot be used, then a contingency team sheet should be completed by both teams and umpires. The home team should then send a copy of the team sheets to the relevant Divisional Secretary by the deadline set in the regulations.

Eligibility & Selection Exemption Pass

In order to meet the Principles of Fair Selection it may be necessary to override the fair selection system in some cases. This is provided via a Selection Exemption Pass. To apply for an exemption please complete the Selection Exemption Pass Request Form.

A Club must wait until the exemption is granted before overriding the system. If a club does not wait then the player in question will be treated as an ineligible player as per the regulations.

Fixture Request Changes

Regulation 5.1.2 states that ‘ Clubs may agree to move a fixture to within 5 days (Sunday to Thursday) after or any time before the scheduled date. This is subject to the approval of ALMC. To request a fixture change please complete the Fixture Change Request Form, requests will only be approved if both Clubs have agreed to the change and it meets the requirements of Regulation 5.1.2.

Please note that matches taking place from Thursday to Wednesday are considered as a single weekend round of matches and the Player Eligibility - Fair Selection regulations will apply as per the original fixture date.

Umpire Approval Requests

Where an umpire only holds an acceptable level of accreditation for a specific grade (see Regulation 11.4), the umpire must be approved to officiate at that Grade by the ALMC. For example, a Club must request and receive written approval for a Level 1 Assessed umpire to officiate a Grade 2 fixture.

Umpire approval requests should be submitted via the Umpire Approval Request Form, requests will be rejected if the Umpire Approval Request Form is not completed in full.

 Match Officials

Regulation 11.2 states that ‘Areas may require clubs to appoint a Match Official to matches.’ In the NW, it is a requirement that the home team in any Grade 2 fixture provides a Match Official.