Masters in the North West Area

Information on Masters Hockey in the North West Area


North West Hockey is committed to supporting Masters hockey across the region. We are represented by clubs in both ladies' and men's national EH competitions which are run for various age criteria. North West Hockey will endeavour to link clubs which cannot support their own full squad for these competitions, so that they can enter as a merged multi-club team.

Masters is the fastest growing form of hockey nationally and certainly here in the NW.  We began our first season knowing of just over 200 men and women interested in playing Masters and ended it with more than twice as many!  Notable successes included victories by both Ladies’ and Mens’ Over 35 aged group teams in the first annual National 8-Area tournaments in 2022 and the Ladies Over 35s winning again this year in 2023.

Last year saw the launch of our first Masters Clubs competition within the NW – the NW 500 (congratulations to the winners in 2022: Preston in the Northern Divison and Wilmslow in the Southern Division). This year 2023,  saw a change in finals format and congratulations go to Timperley with runners up Lymm. 

If you are interested in playing Masters then contact your age group coordinator (see the Contacts page).  You will need to register to ensure we have basic and emergency contact info for you, and we ask for a £10 subscription to cover insurance and other overheads.  You can register (and find out how to pay!) using this link: “