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NW - Adult Super 6s Indoor Winners

This years NW competition took place at Kings School in Macclesfield on Sunday 17 December 2023.

The Mens Competition was held between Deeside Ramblers and Oxton, with Deeside Ramblers reigning victorious. Deeside Ramblers proved too strong for Oxton (who played with only 6 players and no substitutes). Ramblers were very impressive scoring from penalty corners, ending with a 7-2 victory.

The Womens Competition was a Round Robin between Brooklands Poynton, Fylde and Wrexham Glyndwr. Brooklands Poynton were the successful winners beating both Fylde and Wrexham Glyndwr.

Results of games:

Brooklands Poynton 9 - 1 Wrexham Glyndwr

Wrexham Glyndwr     1 - 5 Fylde 

Brooklands Poynton 4 - 2 Fylde   (half - time score 1 - 2)

The second half of the above game saw Brooklands Poynton come back with 2 goals in quick succession but the game could have gone either way, with great attacking play from both teams.

Wrexham Glyndwr must be congratulated on a sterling performance despite playing a division below in outdoor leagues.

Therefore, Deeside Ramblers Men and Brooklands Poynton Women will represent the NW in the National EH Super 6s Division Two.

Division Two will be split into North and South divisions, with each league having six teams made up of four qualifiers from last season's competition and one qualifier from each of the eight Areas. They will contest matches on 6-7 January, with the top three from each league then forming a separate Division Two division, where those games will be played on 20-21 January.